Ownership at West Ilsley

A long, long time ago, Mick started out as a part owner with his Southampton team-mate Brian O'Neil of a modest filly called Cathy Jane who was placed in training with the Late, Great Bill Wightman. It's probably fair to say that were it not for the agony and ecstacy that her exploits on the track provided, Mick wouldn't have become so engrossed in such an absorbing sport.

Due to his involvement as an owner and eventually a breeder, Mick knows exactly what the experience brings with it. Whilst disappointment and frustration are part and parcel of owning a racehorse, the thrill and excitement that horseracing brings to the key players are utterly unique.

To those unfamiliar with the sport, making those initial steps into the game can seem a daunting prospect, as there is a perceived mystique surrounding horseracing. That needn't be the case.

Be it through small or large syndications or sole ownership, racing is an open book. West Ilsley Stables is closely associated with syndications at both ends of the spectrum in Lord Ilsley Racing and Insignia Racing. We are also proud of our associations with Box 41 and Highlife Racing.

Sole ownership invariably brings with it a sense of loyalty and commitment that can endure for many years. Mick began training over twenty years ago and the vast majority of the owners that got him up and running remain with him to this day. Those that have taken the plunge in the intervening years, we hope, have come to feel at home when visiting West Ilsley and when watching their runners on the track.

Newbury Racecourse is the venue of the aforementioned Box 41, the scene of some memorable days' racing win, lose or draw, whilst the West Ilsley box at Ascot is where all of our owners want to be on those very special occasions. Obviously, it's at West Ilsley itself that the preparations and planning for racedays are carried out and owners are always encouraged to come and spend a morning in the company of Mick and the Team.

Should you have any questions regarding ownership, please feel free to get in touch via the e-mail form below or please call the office on 01635 281166. 

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