Brian O'Neil, Morale Officer


FULL NAME: Brian "Buddha" O’Neil


JOB TITLE: Mick describes me as “Head of Light Entertainment”!


WHEN DID YOU ARRIVE AT WEST ILSLEY?: About 4 O’clock this morning


FAVOURITE HORSES AT WEST ILSLEY?: Music Show & Majestic Dubawi


BEST ADVICE YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN?: “Look after your friends”, “Get Stuck in” and “Let’s go halves”.


FAVOURITE RACECOURSE?: Newbury in Box 41. Always a great day out


WHICH RACE WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO WIN?: Mick and I won the old Brown Jack Stakes with Cathy Jane at Ascot in 1973. I don’t think anything could top that. A great memory.


FAVOURITE SPORTS?: “Bobby over the wall”, Racing & Football


LEAST FAVOURITE SPORTS?: Basketball. I just don’t understand non-contact sports


WHAT/WHO REALLY ANNOYS YOU?: I don’t get annoyed anymore, but I would do if anyone caused Mick any trouble


GIVE US A TWO YEAR OLD FOR 2012: Russian Linesman


WHAT IS THE BEST DAY OF YOUR RACING LIFE?: A day out with Bobby Stokes, Mick & Jim Steele springs to mind. I think we were at Bath. Man on the Run won a staying race and we all went a little bit mad.


WHAT IS THE BEST BET YOU’VE EVER HAD?: The same day. I think I had a tenner on at 12/1. It was about 1977 so that was a few quid back then.




FAVOURITE NIGHT OUT?: Meeting up with the old lads from Southampton.


BEST/WORST SUBJECTS AT SCHOOL?: You must be joking! I’m from Bedlington!


FAVOURITE MRC MOMENT?: Too many to mention. They mainly concern Mick in the days when we were young and fit although I don’t think I could tell you about them in detail!

Brian O'Neil, Morale Officer