Nicola Topper, Stable Lass/ Travelling Lass

Nicola started out at 16 as a working pupil at Huntley School of Equitation, where she stayed for a year to pass her exams and qualify as a riding instructor.

She then went on to work in a point to point yard near Stow on the Wold before moving on to work for David Nicholson. After a year with "The Duke", Nicky headed for Ditcheat to spend four years with Champion Jumps Trainer Paul Nicholls.

North Yorkshire and Pat Haslam was the next port of call, as Nicky had her first two rides as an apprentice at the ripe old age of 24.

She moved down the road to George Moore who she stayed with for six years, taking in a further eleven rides over the first three years. In this period, Nicky was responsible for most of the backing and breaking, did nearly all the stalls work and took over the Travelling Head Lass job for three years.

Nicola reluctantly left the Moore yard to complete the Masters degree that she is currently studying at nearby Abingdon.

That obviously brought West Ilsley into the equation and she been with Mick for just over two years where she has taken on a wide variety of roles from backing and breaking to travelling with our numerous runners across the country.


FULL NAME: Nicola Topper                       


JOB TITLE: General Shit Shoveller, Work Rider [depending what mood the boss is in], Travelling Lad [last resort].


WHEN DID YOU ARRIVE AT WEST ILSLEY?: A long long time ago – Between xmas and new year 2008


FAVOURITE HORSES AT WEST ILSLEY?: Very Good Day, and NORM (Gottany O's) of course oh yeah and I quite like all the others I look after as well


BEST ADVICE YOU’VE BEEN GIVEN?: Get a proper job,, but I didn’t listen


FAVOURITE RACECOURSE?: Cheltenham so what the hell am I doing in a flat yard, I also like Chester, had a lot of luck there


LEAST FAVOURITE RACECOURSE?: Anything that involves all weather racing especially Wolverhampton


WHICH RACE WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO WIN?: All of them, The Arc would be awesome [pool money], I love seeing my horses win, anything Im not fussy


WHO WOULD YOU MOST LIKE TO MEET?: The drummer from McFly he is seriously fit


FAVOURITE SPORTS?: Racing obviously, winter sports are great, would love to have a go in a toboggan [with the cool runnings gang]


LEAST FAVOURITE SPORTS?: Darts, cricket, snooker, golf and anything that im shit at, so it’s a long list!


FAVOURITE FILM?: Bourne films are great, Twilight Saga [fit bloke], Im really sad as well Ilove Lord of the Rings


FAVOURITE BOOK?: Sad I know, but Harry Potter is cool, and Twilight Saga again


FAVOURITE TV PROGRAMME?: X factor, Dancing on Ice


WHAT/WHO REALLY ANNOYS YOU?: I don’t think I better answer that one, I might get locked up [I don’t mean the boss – honest]


GIVE US A TWO YEAR OLD FOR 2011: Redback Ex Flawless Filly 


WHAT IS THE BEST DAY OF YOUR RACING LIFE?: Opening meet of a revamped Ascot, Toldo won the staying race - Brilliant


WHAT IS THE BEST BET YOU’VE EVER HAD?: I don’t really bet, but won 100 on a 2 yr old I’d done all the work on, 2nd race of her career.




FAVOURITE NIGHT OUT?: Any where with good friends


FAVOURITE HOLIDAY DESTINATION?: Cyprus, want to go skiing again as well


BEST/WORST SUBJECTS AT SCHOOL?: Hated French and Spanish, loved Geography




WHAT IS THE FUNNIEST THING THAT YOU’VE SEEN IN RACING?: Cant think of one incident, but they usually involve some one falling off


FAVOURITE MRC MOMENT?: Winning the 5 to follow, I needed the money to pay for my holiday!

Nicola Topper, Stable Lass/ Travelling Lass