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In terms of our work videos, gallops can be viewed by clicking on the relative icons below. If you cannot find the horse you are looking for, you can use the search gallops feature. Simply enter the horses name into the search engine and click "search".

Our gallop videos feature work mornings which take place every Tuesday and Friday on either the Summer or Winter ground.

To the East of West Ilsley, Hodcott Down (Winter Ground) features the six furlong woodchip gallop, the mainstay of the year-round operation. It also has grass chutes covering five, six and seven furlongs, with "Gilbert's Gallop" covering a mile on the collar providing probably the stiffest test of all the gallops on the Downs. There are also grass chutes used primarily for bunching up the yearlings in the winter months, covering about four furlongs each.

The Summer Ground, or Sheep Down, lies to the North West of the Village and provides a vast array of different challenges, including a left handed Derby trial gallop and the only flat gallop in the surrounding area. The "Trial Ground" follows the spine of the Ridgeway for the best part of two miles before finishing at the highest point of Berkshire, affectionately known as Scotsman's Knob.

The helicopter video on this page and Mick's accompanying commentary, gives you a clearer insight into the gallops at West Ilsley. 

8-9-2015 Two Year Old Fillies
GALLOP VIDEO - 08/09/15 Angelic Guest (Yellow), Motdaw (Black), Siri (Maroon), Betsy Coed (Green), Custom (Yellow), Visage Blanc (Coloured)
8-9-2015 Needless Shouting (Black), Blue Bomber (Yellow), Sgt Reckless (Maroon)
GALLOP VIDEO - 08/09/15 Needless Shouting (Black), Blue Bomber (Yellow), Sgt Reckless (Maroon)
8-9-2015 Arnold Lane (Yellow), Popeswood (Green), Mobsta (Black)
GALLOP VIDEO - 08/09/15 Arnold Lane (Yellow), Popeswood (Green), Mobsta (Black)
28-8-2015 Two Year Old Colts
GALLOP VIDEO - 28/08/15 Slica Star, River Echo, Harrison
11-8-2015 Three & Four Year Olds
GALLOP VIDEO - 11/08/15 - Harlequin Striker (Green), Exentricity (Red/White), Isabella Bird (Red)
11-8-2015 Two Year Old Fillies
GALLOP VIDEO - 11/08/15 - Ettie Hart (Yellow/Black), Cooperess (Yellow), Custom (Green)
11-8-2015 Two and Three Year Olds
GALLOP VIDEO - 11/08/15 - Rebel Yell (Maroon), Makaika (Red/White), Caltra Colleen (Red)
11-8-2015 Kassia, Divine
GALLOP VIDEO - 11/08/15 - Kassia, Divine
11-8-2015 Two Year Olds
GALLOP VIDEO - 11/08/15 - Tidal Moon (Blue - Lead), Harlequeen (Yellow/Black), Angelic Guest (Green), Greedy Boy (Yellow)
11-8-2015 Older Horses
GALLOP VIDEO - 11/08/15 - Arantes, Sgt Reckless, Mr Kite